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Tips to Get Your Family Ready for Back to School

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Tips to Get Your Family Ready for Back to School

Follow these four tips for a great start to the year.


Are you and your kids ready for the new school year? Preparing to go back to school is more than buying supplies and new outfits. It requires immunizations, a school sleep routine, and a check-up of your child’s overall healthShifting back into the school year flow after summer vacation can be hectic. These tips can help ensure your family feels prepared.


Put together a health checklist

Create a checklist to help determine if your child has all their immunizations, is getting enough rest, and if they have any physical barriers to learning – like nearsighted or farsightedness, which can make reading difficult but can be helped with glasses. You’ll want to get them back in a school-sleep routine, organize their medical records, and schedule physical and vision exams.


And remember: the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only immunization for that list. Back-to-school season also happens to be the start of flu season. Plus, there are other childhood vaccines and boosters to consider before your child goes back to school. Talk to your child’s doctor to see what they recommend. Looking for a pediatrician? Learn more about our providers.


Be in the know

Along with COVID-19 and the seasonal flu, some parents may be concerned about their children contracting the monkeypox virus at school. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says the risk of children getting infected with monkeypox virus is low. Still, it’s important to understand how the virus spreads, recognize the symptoms, and know when to get your child tested to help keep them (and their classmates) safe and healthy. Always rely on trusted sources, like AAP or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for the latest updates. For more information, speak to your child’s pediatrician.


Start the conversation about mental health

Children can feel as much anxiety as adults. It’s important to encourage them to share their feelings with you. Let them know it’s okay to feel scared or anxious and that you are here to support them. Their mental health matters and help is available when they need it.


Here when you need us

Getting your family ready for back-to-school season involves coordination of a lot of moving parts. You’ve got this, and we’re here to help! AdvantageCare Physicians is dedicated to delivering “whole you” care to your children. We’ll look at your child’s total health picture – how they’re doing physically and emotionally. We’ll also see if they need any vaccinations that may have been missed.

Schedule a back-to-school checkup at acpny.com. 



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