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Cosmetic Injectable Services

The AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) Richmond Avenue Medical Office at the Staten Island Mall offers cosmetic injectable services in the forms of BOTOX® Cosmetic, XEOMIN®, JUVÉDERM®, and BELOTERO BALANCE®.  Cosmetic injectables are an effective treatment for reducing the signs of aging without undergoing surgery. Results of cosmetic injectable treatments may include reducing wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, lifting the brow, and adding volume to lips. By receiving these services at ACPNY, you benefit from aesthetic treatment in a medical practice focused on delivering high-quality clinical care.


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Cosmetic Injectables: An Overview

BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN® block nerve signals and relax the muscles surrounding the injection area. The most commonly recognized benefits are:

  • Smoother skin
  • Lessening deepness of lines in the face
  • Preventing development of wrinkles

Additionally, BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN®:

  • Are non-invasive
  • Achieve noticeable results in a few days
  • Treatments last 3-6 months (results vary by person)
  • Require no recovery time

JUVÉDERM® and BELOTERO BALANCE® are injectable fillers used to reduce the visible effects of aging. Rather than relaxing facial muscles, they are designed to: 

  • Fill in deep wrinkles
  • Restore lost volume in the face


  • Are non-invasive
  • Achieve noticeable results instantly, with full results in about two weeks
  • Treatments last 6-18 months (results vary by person)
  • Require no recovery time

Before and After: Actual Patient Results

WATCH: Aesthetic Injectable Services at AdvantageCare Physicians


How to Prepare for Your Appointment and What You Can Expect:

To prepare for your appointment:

  • Please read and follow these pre-treatment instructions. (Para ver estas instrucciones en español, haga clic aquí).
  • Arrive without makeup or other products on your face, so that your provider can most effectively evaluate you for treatment.
  • Be ready to answer questions about your medical history and current medical status. Pregnant or nursing women should not receive cosmetic injectable treatments. 

Other Considerations:

  • Is it safe to recieve treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. With your safety and well-being in mind, ACPNY follows all CDC-recommended COVID-19 protocols in our medical offices. Click here to learn more about what we are doing to help keep you safe.

  • Will I experience any pain?

BOTOX® Cosmetic and XEOMIN® treatments use small needles, causing minimal discomfort (though patients sometimes describe a “pinch-like” feeling). For JUVÉDERM® and BELOTERO BALANCE®, patients will occasionally experience some swelling, pain, and tenderness. 

  • Are there side effects?

Cosmetic injectables generally cause very few side effects. If any are experienced, they may include headache and minor bruising or swelling at the injection site. We will provide you with a description of possible side effects prior to your procedure. 

  • How long will the appointment take?

Your evaluation and treatment will take about 30 minutes.

  • Are there precautions to follow after treatment?

There are some mild restrictions on facial skin care, exercise, and other activities following the procedure. Please read the full list of post-treatment instructions.


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About Dr. Giterman

Dr. Giterman is a Family Medicine Provider with a background in primary care. With the introduction of cosmetic medicine to the ACPNY practice, Dr. Giterman will conduct initial consultations with patients to learn about areas of desired improvement, advise on which areas present the greatest potential for improvement, and recommend a treatment plan. As a dedicated ACPNY Care Team member, Dr. Giterman is committed to whole you care that considers all factors that impact a patient’s health.

To schedule an appointment,
call 866-502-9164.

For the safety of our patients and staff, appointments are required. Patients must be at least 18 years of age.