As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves, AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) is continually evaluating and enhancing aspects of patient care. ACPNY now offers virtual visits to:

  • Patients who believe they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or illness. When appropriate and clinically indicated, patients are referred to NYS-designated sites for testing.
  • Patients seeking regular appointments in the areas of nutrition, behavioral health, and endocrinology.

For patients seeking care related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), during your virtual visit you will speak with one of our available medical providers about your symptoms, potential exposure, guidance on treatment, and next steps. You should consider a virtual visit if you have fever (temperature > 100.4), or cough, or shortness of breath.


Do not enter offices if you suspect COVID-19 exposure. For the safety of other patients and our providers, do not come directly to our offices if you are exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms or believe you may have been exposed. Instead, please call 646-680-4227 for direction on seeking care.


All virtual visit appointments are scheduled by contacting ACPNY at 646-680-4227.

We apologize for longer than usual wait times because of increased reliance on our call center.


Before the visit, you will be instructed to download the Zoom app.

Helpful set-up and user guides:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we now offer virtual visits and have made other important practice changes to continue safe, effective care to our patients. Learn More