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Express Check-In

What is Express Check-In?
Express Check-In is a fast and convenient way to check-in for your AdvantageCare Physicians appointment. Patients can save time by verifying personal information and even pay co-pays all without visiting the front desk. When arriving for your appointment, simply go to the Express Check-In kiosk found in every AdvantageCare Physicians office to complete your check-in, have a seat, and wait to be called.

How do I use Express Check-In?
There are two ways to use Express Check-In:

  1. Before arrival – Through myACPNY, you can verify address and contact information, medications and allergies, and pay your co-pay prior to your appointment.  myACPNY will generate a barcode for you to scan at the Express Check-In kiosk upon arriving at the medical office.
  2. At the time of arrival – Patients who didn’t start their check-in on myACPNY prior to arriving at the medical offices can still use the Express Check-In tablets. Just press “Start” on the tablet and walk through the fast and easy check-in process.
In both cases, your Care Team will be notified of your arrival.

Do I have to be an existing AdvantageCare Physicians’ patient to use Express Check-In?
New patients can use Express Check-In to input their personal data before visiting the office by signing up for myACPNY. However, new patients must check-in with the front desk on their first visit to verify their identification.

Can I use Express Check-In at all offices?
Yes, Express Check-In is available at all of our medical offices, including AdvantageCare Physicians Express at Duane Street.

Can I use Express Check-In for all visit types?
Yes, you can use Express Check-In for all visit types with ACPNY staff, including visits you cannot schedule online, such as rheumatology.

Please note:
  • Patients cannot use Express Check-In if they are more than 15 minutes late. Late patients must check-in at the front desk.
  • Patients can use Express Check-In for more than one appointment if they’re scheduled within 60 minutes. This is useful for patients who see multiple specialists in one office visit.
  • Patients can use Express Check-In to pay their co-pay with a credit card. Patients paying their co-pay with cash must see the front desk.

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