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Virtual Visits


At AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) we offer virtual visits as a convenient way to continue to care for the whole you, right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are unable to get to the office or just prefer to stay home, our providers and teams are ready to care for you.


Before you inquire about virtual visits, please register for a myACPNY patient portal account if you don't already have one. This account will be needed before you can take part in a virtual visit. Click on the link below to register for myACPNY, and review the following Q&As for other important information around virtual visits.


Register for myACPNY

A virtual visit is similar to an in-office visit. Your provider is present, but you are chatting with them from home, work, or another convenient location. Our providers can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy.

A virtual visit is an online appointment that allows you to talk face-to-face with a provider from the comfort of your home. Instead of going into an ACPNY office, you meet with a provider using a secure audiovisual connection from your mobile device, tablet, or computer (desktop or laptop). To properly conduct a virtual visit, please be sure you are located in a private space and not on the move (walking or driving).

ACPNY offers virtual visits across a variety of primary and specialty care providers. Examples of appointments that can be done virtually include new patient visits, behavioral health sessions, nutritional visits, endocrinology visits, and many more.

Although many appointment types can be done virtually, there are some exceptions. Examples of appointments that might require an in-person visit include physical and annual examinations, as well as podiatry and optometry appointments. If you have questions about whether your upcoming visit could be done virtually, please ask our call center when making your next appointment.

At this time, we are also using virtual visits to assess patients who suspect they may have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. During these virtual visits, you will speak with one of our available providers about your symptoms, potential exposure, guidance on treatment, and next steps. Learn more here

You may schedule a virtual visit with a provider you have previously seen using the myACPNY patient portal. If you wish to schedule a virtual visit with a provider for the first time, please contact our Call Center at 646-680-4227.

To save time, please register for a myACPNY patient portal account before scheduling your appointment, as you will need it to conduct your virtual visit. 


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Note: Online scheduling through the website provider search remains temporarily suspended.

To take part in a virtual visit, you need a myACPNY account. If you have not created an account yet, please be sure to do so before scheduling your appointment, as this connectivity is required to conduct the visit.  Click on the register button below to set-up a myACPNY account and use the instructional PDFs to help prepare for your visit. If you plan to use a computer, you will simply click a link through MyChart. If you plan to use your mobile phone, you will need to download apps for MyChart and Zoom. This is noted in the instructional PDF and links for both Android and Apple iOS are listed below.

When it’s time for your virtual visit, you can join the appointment by logging into your myACPNY account from your computer (desktop or laptop), tablet, or mobile phone. The ACPNY virtual visit is powered by Zoom, a technology partner.  We understand there may be concerns about the recent news coverage of Zoom meetings. Our highly secured implementation of Zoom for virtual visits only shares the meeting ID and password between EPIC computer systems and EPIC myChart. This means that there is no public link that could be compromised or hacked by outside parties. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and rest assured that no provider or team member from ACPNY will ever share or ask you to connect to an unsecured session.

You may check-in for your appointment as early as 30 minutes before it begins. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we will require you to reschedule with our call center for another time.

As a reminder, to properly conduct a virtual visit, please be sure you are located in a private space and not on the move (walking or driving).

myACPNY Registration


Helpful set-up and user guides:

Desktop/Laptop: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Video (English)

Mobile: English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Video (English)

MyChart & Zoom Applications for Android

Download MyChart Application

Download Zoom Application


MyChart & Zoom Applications for Apple iOS

Download MyChart Application

Download Zoom Application

My Medications

Please update the “Medications” section in your myACPNY patient portal. You can remove and add medications to your list, and request refills. These requested changes can be discussed during your visit.


My Screenings

You may have some important screenings available in myACPNY. These are under the “Questionnaires” section in the “Health” tab. Please take some time to review and complete these screenings prior to your visit. If you don’t see any screenings in this section, don’t worry – your provider knows what you need.


My Vitals

If you have been monitoring your blood pressure, glucose, weight, heart rate, or temperature at home, please check these values and be ready to discuss with your provider.


My Health

What is the reason for your visit? Think about questions you would like to ask your provider, referrals you may need, test results you may want to discuss, and how you are feeling.


My Preventative Health

Are you due for any routine screenings, such as a diabetic eye exam or mammogram? Make sure to discuss these with your provider so the appropriate orders can be placed for you.


My Next Steps

Remember to review your “After Visit Summary” in myACPNY after your appointment. This summary will contain important next steps in your care, information about your orders and future appointments, and educational materials related to your visit where appropriate. If you had a telephone visit, consider signing up for myACPNY to hold a virtual visit next time.


Many insurance providers now cover virtual visits. However, we ask that all patients verify in advance if your specific plan provides coverage for a virtual visit.

For plans we accept, we are not collecting co-payments during the virtual visit check-in process and will send a statement bill to you for applicable co-payments of deductibles.

Patient Testimonials

“I'm glad that the virtual visit was provided, it was professional and the doctor was just as thorough as if I was in the office. I got an appointment right away and I'm grateful for that."

Female, 44 years old

“My virtual visit was excellent, interacting with my doctor was easy and very dynamic. All my questions were answered. It was awesome. Thanks.”

Male, 70 years old

“It was a good experience. Thank you for this service. I was relieved that I did not have to go out to an office visit during this time. Thank you.”

Female, 60 years old

"We have launched video virtual visits in order to reach our patients and alleviate their health concerns in the comfort of their own homes. We can continue providing the highest level of care without our patients ever getting off the couch, let alone taking the subway! At AdvantageCare Physicians we care about our patients immensely, and are looking to do whatever we can to keep them healthy and safe. My cardiac patients that have utilized virtual visits so far have loved it."

-Dr. Ahmed, Department Chair of Cardiology


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