November 2018

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

November 30, 2018
What can you do to boost your immune system? We asked a AdvantageCare Physicians' Dietitian and Nutritionist what they recommend to staying healthy this flu season. 
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The Basics of Diabetes from a Nutritionist

November 27, 2018
During National Diabetes Month, communities across the country team up to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. 
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Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

November 16, 2018
Check out AdvantageCare Physicians' family doctor, Dr. Keith Tung, share tips on how you can start your journey to being smoke-free.
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Healthy Spinach-Feta Quesadillas

November 14, 2018
Looking for a quick and easy recipe? Try making these healthy quesadillas!
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Immune-Boosting Slow-Cooker Chicken

November 9, 2018
Give your immune system a helping hand with this immune-boosting slow-cooker recipe provided by an AdvantageCare Physicians' Dietitian and Nutritionist.
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