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Our Care Experience Is Designed With You in Mind

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Our Care Experience Is Designed With You in Mind

Whenever you visit an ACPNY office and seek help from any member of your Care Team, you can be confident that they’ll go above and beyond to make you feel seen, heard, and cared for.

When you’re getting ready for a doctor’s visit, how are you hoping your experience will be when you get to their office? What kind of environment do you hope to find in the waiting room? How do you want the office staff and your provider to treat and speak to you? Once the visit is over, how do you want to feel when you leave the office? All of these questions and more are ones we consider when working to deliver the best possible experience for our patients. Dr. Navarra Rodriguez, Chief Medical Officer for AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY), explains our vision as this: “Not only do you deserve quality care when you visit our offices, but you should also feel heard, that attention is being paid to you, and that there is a genuine personal connection between you and our staff and providers.” When you become a patient at ACPNY, you can always expect a comfortable environment with providers who are well-trained, listen to you, and are focused on your care experience.

An Entire Team Works to Make Your Visit a Good One

At ACPNY, we strive to achieve uniformly quality standards across our 30+ medical offices spanning the New York metro area. At the same time, we want our individual office locations to reflect the neighborhoods they are situated in and the communities they serve. We do that by hiring providers and staff members who represent the types of patients they will be caring for, which can include cultural background and even languages spoken.

As an ACPNY patient, you have your own Care Team led by a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and which may be made up of physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, and others who know your medical history and collaborate on your care. Each step of your visit is handled by a member of your Care Team, from the person who checks you in, to the associate who prepares you for your visit, to the provider who examines you. According to Vice President of Nursing Eveth Green, “ACPNY’s Care Team model is designed to give each part of your visit the attention it deserves. Throughout your visit, from beginning to end, our dedicated Care Team members each play a role in making your experience a good one.” Between visits, you can stay in touch with your Care Team through the myACPNY patient portal on your computer or mobile device, which also conveniently allows you to schedule appointments, access your medical records, request prescription refills, and more.

We Are Always Focused on How To Do Even Better

ACPNY hires qualified providers and team members. But, after they’ve joined us, they continue to receive training and education on how to serve you even better and heighten the quality of your care. Dr. Nicole Thomas-Sealey, Vice President of Clinical Education, explains: “ACPNY’s commitment to training and education for providers and staff includes courses on the latest advancements in population health management, tools to maximize patient outcomes, evidence-based medicine, operations, and diversity and inclusion.” In addition to these courses, ACPNY has also launched initiatives to enhance cultural awareness and sensitivity, which helps our providers and team members deepen their understanding of cultural backgrounds represented in our patient population, identify biases patients may sometimes face, and gain more perspective to help eliminate any barriers that may stand in the way of patients feeling welcome and having full and equal access to care.

Another example of our commitment to patient satisfaction is Patient Experience Week, a nationally recognized annual awareness initiative held each April. Although ACPNY Care Team members are dedicated to patient satisfaction every day, the entire ACPNY practice rallies during Patient Experience Week to participate in special activities that shine a light on what makes a great patient experience, as well as share ideas on how we can deliver an even greater experience for your future visits.

Nothing Matters More Than Your Feedback

Anne Dunne, ACPNY’s Chief Operating Officer, understands the critical role of patient feedback and heads extensive efforts to collect and respond to patient surveys. “In our ongoing commitment to the patient experience and exceeding your care expectations, ACPNY consistently surveys patients after their visits to gather feedback and suggestions,” Dunne says. “Feedback is then carefully examined and incorporated into the training our Care Teams receive on patient service excellence.” Just as we’re constantly working to deliver “whole you” care and improve your health picture, we’re also constantly working to improve your overall experience as an ACPNY patient.

Whenever you visit an ACPNY office and seek help from any member of your Care Team, you can be confident that they’ll go above and beyond to make you feel seen, heard, and cared for. Every single day, ACPNY commits to elevating the quality of care for patients like you and to give you an exceptional experience. Schedule your next appointment with an ACPNY provider today.


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