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Our patients sometimes have questions about billing or similar matters. On this page you’ll find information on statements, updating your myACPNY account, payment options, and more.

Electronic Statements Beginning Feb. 1, 2022

Effective February 1, 2022, patients with a myACPNY account will receive convenient Electronic Billing Statements instead of paper statements. You’ll find your paperless statements in your myACPNY patient portal account. If you wish to continue receiving paper statements, you can select this option in the Billing Summary menu in myACPNY after February 1.

Updating General Account Information

Have you changed your name, address, email, phone number, or insurance information? If so, please let us know by sending a billing message through your myACPNY portal account or by calling the ACPNY Billing Department directly at 800-871-1370.


To update your myACPNY account, log in and click on:

  1. “Messages”
  2. "Send a Message”
  3. “New Billing Question”
  4. “Insurance/Coverage Question or Update”
  5. Fill in the subject line, write a message with your updated information, and click “Send”


Payment Plans

As a patient with an active myACPNY account, you can either pay your balance in full directly on the portal or create a Payment Plan for any outstanding balances. Payment Plans allow you to save your credit card information and set up automatic monthly payments. To set up a Patient Payment Plan, log in to your myACPNY account and click on:

  1. “Outstanding Balances”
  2. “Pay Now”
  3. “Payment Plan“


Patient Financial Responsibility Consent Form

Please read this important information about your responsibility around payment for services, depending on the scope of your health coverage.


Patient Financial Responsibility Consent Form (PDF)


Good Faith Estimates

For uninsured patients or patients who are not using insurance, health care providers are required to give an estimate of the bill for medical items and services. Learn more

Patient Rights and Protection Against Surprise Medical Billing

Patients are protected from surprise billing for emergency care. Learn more

Have other billing questions?

We want to make the billing process simple and convenient. Login to your myACPNY account or call our ACPNY Billing Department directly at
800-871-1370 for assistance with any billing and payment issues, including:

• Questions or concerns about your bill.
• Guidance on payment options.
• Checking on the status of a bill you’re expecting to receive.