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As one of New York Metro’s largest medical groups, AdvantageCare Physicians gives you access to primary care and many areas of specialty care throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and Long Island.

For non-emergency health care concerns, getting the right care at the right time is easy; follow these simple steps.

  • See your primary care provider (PCP) first.
    If you have a health concern and think you need to see a specialist, you should always see your primary care provider first. Why? Primary care providers are trained to care for a wide range of health issues. When you see your primary care provider first, he or she may be able to treat your condition on the spot—saving you time, unnecessary specialist visits and tests, and the additional copays that go with them.

  • Don’t self-diagnose.
    It’s important to realize that self-diagnosing a health problem can be dangerous. Many serious or life-threatening conditions have very common symptoms. If you go straight to a specialist, you may not be seeing the right one. Only a trained health care provider can diagnose your condition properly to ensure you receive the right specialist care at the right time.


Meet your Care Team 

As an ACPNY patient, you have a dedicated Care Team working together to diagnose, treat, and educate you, no matter which of our medical offices you visit.

for your health

Live your best life 

We know good health is worth holding onto. That’s why we offer a range of resources, information and events to help you stay fit, take charge of your health, and enhance your quality of life.