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Sign up for the myACPNY Patient Portal

Why register for myACPNY

Keep in touch with your care 24/7

As an AdvantageCare Physicians patient, you have access to myACPNY, a secure 24/7 portal that allows you to:

  • Find a provider or medical office location
  • Schedule appointments and review your visit history
  • Check in for your appointments
  • Conduct a virtual visit
  • Request prescription refills
  • View test results and medical records
  • Learn from valuable educational materials about conditions related to your health
  • Message your providers and Care Teams, making it easier to stay in touch outside of regular appointments
  • New! Let Wait List notify you of earlier appointment times with your provider. Learn More.

To sign up for myACPNY through your computer, follow the instructions on this page.

To sign up through your mobile device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “myACPNY.” From there, click to install and follow the sign-up instructions upon launching the app.

Need help?

For support signing up for, logging into, or using myACPNY, please call 646-680-5008 or email questions@acpny.com.


Your Personalized Patient Portal

Register today and schedule your next appointment online, communicate securely with your doctor and Care Team, view lab results and immunization history, upload health and fitness information from apps, access your family’s health information, get Rx refills and more—anytime, anywhere.