Wait List

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What Is Wait List?

When scheduling a visit with your provider, would you like to be notified if an earlier appointment time becomes available? That’s now possible with the new Wait List option available to all AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) patients. 

How Does Wait List Work?

If you select the Wait List option when you schedule your appointment, you’ll receive a myACPNY notification if an earlier one becomes available. You’ll be able to accept the earlier time if you prefer it, or take no action and keep your original appointment. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an ACPNY provider through your myACPNY patient portal account, over the phone, or at an ACPNY office.
  2. Indicate that you’d like to be added to the Wait List.
  3. If an earlier appointment with the same provider and office location becomes available, you will receive a myACPNY notification and be able to accept it within 2.5 hours or until someone else schedules it.

By choosing Wait List, you can take advantage of last-minute appointment availability you otherwise wouldn’t have known about—and possibly have your visit sooner than expected.*

So, the next time you schedule an appointment with ACPNY, don’t forget to choose the Wait List option!


*Wait List appointments are available when scheduled appointments are canceled by other patients or similar circumstances. Patients should schedule appointments based on their care needs without expectation of an earlier appointment becoming available. Wait List appointments are not guaranteed and may be scheduled by other patients before you’re able to accept the appointment.