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ADVANTAGECARE ACO: ACPNY's New Medicare Direct Contracting Entity

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ADVANTAGECARE ACO: ACPNY's New Medicare Direct Contracting Entity

Direct Contracting Medicare Program to Improve Health Outcomes

Important Notice: Hudson Accountable Care, LLC has voluntarily terminated its full participation in the ACO REACH Program such that 2023 will be its last performance participation year. AdvantageCare Physicians and its doctors will still participate in Medicare after 2023. Hudson has applied to participate in a different Medicare program starting January 1, 2024. Please return to this page for further updates soon.

Advantagecare Physicians participating in ACO REACH Medicare program to improve health outcomes

ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (ACO REACH) is a new Medicare program that gives primary care providers an opportunity to improve care delivery and health outcomes for all patients enrolled in traditional Medicare. Under this program, primary care providers(s) can join or form an ACO that can directly contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) just like a health plan. The ACO REACH model replaces the model known as Direct Contracting, which AdvantageCare Physicians participated in in 2022.

We participate in the ACO REACH model as AdvantageCare ACO. AdvantageCare ACO is located at 55 Water Street, New York, New York 10041. AdvantageCare ACO is a wholly owned subsidiary of AdvantageCare Physicians, P.C. (ACPNY), a participant in the ACO. AdvantageCare ACO does not have any other joint ventures with any of its Participant Providers or Preferred Providers.

AdvantageCare ACO has been a participant in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) since January 2016, and to date has generated over $28 million in total savings for our Medicare population. AdvantageCare ACO hopes to bring its successful MSSP ACO experience into the REACH model to continue to provide coordinated, high-quality care at lower costs to our Medicare beneficiaries. Please check back for forthcoming information about AdvantageCare ACO’s quality and financial performance as a REACH participant.

To see a list of the ACPNY providers who are participating in AdvantageCare ACO click here.

Providers who are part of an ACO find that they are able to give their patients better quality care. Medicare benefits for patients seeing an ACO REACH provider will not be changed. However, as a patient of an ACO REACH provider, some special features may be available to you at no extra cost. These special features are listed below:

  • Coordination of care between specialists, hospitals, nursing homes and care managers
  • Provider registry management to determine care opportunities
  • Outreach to patients including phone and email to ensure follow-up as allowed under applicable state regulation or state medical licensing requirements; self-management support and counseling; some behavior change management, case management and disease management
  • Medication management
  • Care plan follow-up
  • Outreach and care management for patients with chronic disease

For information about any of these features, please ask your doctor or healthcare provider. Additionally, the Medicare program tracks quality data about AdvantageCare ACO’s performance as a REACH participant. For example, CMS measures AdvantageCare ACO’s performance on measures of patient satisfaction and patient safety. Once available, AdvantageCare ACO will provide that information here. Please check back later.



The following individuals are Hudson’s key clinical and administrative leaders and/or members of the Board of Directors of AdvantageCare ACO:

Navarra Rodriguez, MD

President & Chief Medical Officer, ACPNY

Management Committee Chair & Member of the Board of Directors, AdvantageCare ACO

Medicare Director, AdvantageCare ACO

Participant Provider

Paul Hebert

Chief Administrative Officer, ACPNY

President & Member of the Board of Directors, AdvantageCare ACO

Timothy Kelly

Chief Strategy Officer, ACPNY

Member of the Board of Directors,  AdvantageCare ACO

Seema Massand, MD

VP of Clinical Quality, ACPNY

Member of the Board of Directors,  AdvantageCare ACO

Participant Provider

Julie Pannullo, MD

VP of Clinical Innovation, ACPNY

Member of the Board of Directors,  AdvantageCare ACO

Participant Provider   

Bryan Kress

AVP of Finance, ACPNY

Treasurer,  AdvantageCare ACO

Jonathan Montgomery

VP of Legal, ACPNY

Corporate Secretary, AdvantageCare ACO

Peiman Saadat

VP of Compliance, ACPNY

Chief Compliance Officer,  AdvantageCare ACO

Lorraine Ng

Care Manager, EmbleHealth Services Company, LLC

Consumer Advocate

William Perkins

Member of the Board of Directors, AdvantageCare ACO


Medicare Beneficiary


Read our Code of Conduct (PDF)

Once available, AdvantageCare ACO will provide information here about any shared savings or shared losses it generates through the ACO REACH program. The information will include: the amount of shared savings or shared losses generated; the proportion of any shared savings invested in infrastructure, redesigned care processes, and other resources necessary to improve outcomes and reduce Medicare costs for Medicare beneficiaries; and the proportion of any shared savings distributed to our Participant Providers and Preferred Providers. Please check back later.


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ACPNY Compliance Hotline: 844-7-COMPLY