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Diabetes and COVID-19

A woman of Middle Eastern ethnicity is seated at a table. She is taking a break from work and is in her workplace's lobby. The woman is diabetic and is using an insulin pen near her hip.

If you have diabetes, you are not at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. However, you are at higher risk of complications from the virus because of health factors related to diabetes. As a person with diabetes, you should continue your regular self-maintenance routines and follow the standard guidance associated with COVID-19.


You should also gather extra medical supplies in case of emergency, including all your medications (with at least two weeks of refills), insulin pens, alcohol rubs, soap, and hand sanitizer. If you feel sick, you should call your primary care provider and report:

  • Recent glucose readings
  • Ketone readings
  • Fluid intake
  • Clear details on your symptoms


Remember to mention that you have diabetes and request any additional guidelines you should follow.


Learn more about chronic conditions and COVID-19 from President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Navarra Rodriguez’ interview with News12:

Our health experts from AdvantageCare Physicians are here to share their thoughts on staying healthy during this pandemic. For answers to questions about your specific health needs, please contact your primary care provider.



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