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Mental Health Recommendations

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Mental Health Recommendations

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Whether you’re working remotely for the first time or have school-aged children at home, life may feel more unpredictable than ever. Try out these tips to help manage your mental health during these uncertain times:

  1. Limit your news intake: If the news is keeping you up at night, make sure to sneak in some time for your favorite movies or TV shows. And, remember to reduce screen time at least 30 minutes before bed.
  2. Maintain a sense of routine: Check to see if your local gym or yoga studio has online classes. Or, make the most of a spring day with a walk or jog (being mindful of CDC guidelines on social distancing). 
  3. Call a friend or family member: If you can’t be with the people you care about, hearing their voices can help calm your nerves. 
  4. Get back to basics: Remember to keep a balanced diet and surround yourself with what makes you happy—whether it’s snuggling with your pet or listening to your favorite song. 
  5. Try a new hobby: This could be a great opportunity to try something new, like an online class or a new recipe. You can also plan long-term goals you want to accomplish, like learning a new language or taking up knitting.
  6. Lend a hand: Have an elderly friend or neighbor who could use some help? Offer to pick up groceries or medicine for them (being mindful of CDC guidelines on social distancing).
  7. Volunteer for a cause: Keep up with your favorite charity organizations to think of ways to help those most in need.


For more mental health tips, check out this blog post from Dr. Seth Resnick, our Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. 

Our health experts from AdvantageCare Physicians are here to share their thoughts on staying healthy during this pandemic. For answers to questions about your specific health needs, please contact your primary care provider.

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