It's important to start the school year healthy

Getting your children ready for school is our job, too.

AdvantageCare Physicians is dedicated to delivering whole-you care for your children, too. That means we understand that a child’s total health picture includes how they’re doing physically and emotionally, what their diet is like, and how active they are. Knowing where your child stands in all of these areas is even more important come the start of a school year. Wellness exams, regular check-ups, sports physicals, and mandatory vaccinations all contribute to helping your child stay healthy, in school, and excelling.

For extra credit, your child should get a flu shot.

The flu is a highly contagious virus that is more dangerous than the common cold. Back to school season is one of the most pressing times to reduce any risk of getting sick. Kids come into contact with an influx of germs and illnesses each day as they reconnect with their teachers and classmates to start the year. Children with serious health problems like asthma, diabetes, and immune disorders are even more vulnerable to infection.

The 2019-2020 season flu shot is a necessary and safe measure to protect your children from the dangerous flu this back to school season and into the next year.

Vaccines protect your children.

Densely populated environments like schools are the most common for spreading highly contagious viruses like the flu and measles. The most effective way to ensure that your child is protected from these life-threatening health risks is to get them vaccinated. A vast amount of medical research and literature disproves any claims of vaccines being unsafe or causing autism.

Schedule an appointment to make sure that your child is up to date on their vaccines so they can stay healthy all school year long.

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