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A Caregiver's Checklist

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A Caregiver's Checklist

Did you know that November is National Family Caregivers Month?

Close up of a senior woman and her daughter having a doctors appointment

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Nearly 50 million Americans will provide care to a chronically ill, aged or disabled family member in any given year, meaning we may all be family caregivers at some point.

When it comes time for you to lend a helping hand, here is a list of questions to ask when visiting a doctor:

  • Does this diagnosis put any restrictions on my loved one?

  • As a caregiver, how can I best help my loved one?

  • Are there any resources available for the medications my loved one is taking?

  • What's the plan of treatment from here?

  • What happens if the diagnosis gets worse?

  • Are there foods or exercises he/she should avoid?

  • Can you provide a copy of his/her medical records?

  • How can I reach you for further questions?

Looking for more resources? EmblemHealth's Care for the Family Caregiver initiative offers information, resources and support for caregivers.

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