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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

COVID-19 Testing

At AdvantageCare Physicians we want to ensure the safety of our 

communities. That’s why we are helping to provide 

testing to those who need it most.


Please review our Q&A regarding COVID-19 testing.

At ACPNY, we offer two types of tests: a diagnostic or an antibody test. After a clinical screening visit (virtual or telephonic), a provider will determine which test is appropriate for the patient. 

A diagnostic test determines if a patient is currently infected with COVID-19.  

An antibody test reveals if a patient had the virus at some point in the past. The serology (or antibody) test screens for antibodies in your blood. Your body makes antibodies when it fights an infection, like COVID-19.

A patient who is referred for serology/antibody testing will be provided with Quest Diagnostics contact information to self-schedule a lab appointment. A lab order is electronically sent to Quest Diagnostics.  

  1. Before someone receives a diagnostic or antibody test, they must first complete a clinical screening (virtual or telephonic visit) with an ACPNY provider. Please call 866-749-2660 to schedule this initial appointment. 
  2. Based on the screening assessment, a patient may be scheduled for a diagnostic test at one of our select ACPNY offices or be instructed to schedule a serology/antibody test through Quest.

Please note: All screenings require a scheduled appointment. We are not accepting walk-ins so that we can maintain proper social distancing measures and ensure the safety of our staff and other patients. 


Patients who are advised to get an antibody test will be provided information to schedule an appointment at a Quest Diagnostics lab location of their choosing.

Please note: We are not accepting walk-ins at this time. All screening and tests are by appointment only. Please call 866-749-2660.

Diagnostic tests: After arriving and checking in at the ACPNY testing office for your scheduled appointment, a nurse will collect a sample using nasopharyngeal swab or nasal swab. Testing rooms will be cleaned between each patient and nurses will be wearing full protective equipment to ensure safety.

Antibody tests: Administered by blood draw at a Quest Diagnostics lab.

Regardless of insurance coverage, there are no out-of-pocket costs to patients for the test, and the test is free for uninsured New Yorkers.*

*Beyond the described COVID-19 testing, any additional care or services provided by ACPNY or its partners will be billed separately. See here for a list of insurance coverages accepted by ACPNY.


Note to Insurance Plans: The fee schedule to be used for COVID-19 tests is $60 when a rate is not otherwise negotiated.

Diagnostic tests: Most patients will receive their results within 1-2 days. ACPNY providers receive the results first and then communicate them to their patient.

Antibody tests: Please refer to Quest Diagnostics for specific turnaround times. ACPNY providers receive the results first and then communicate them to their patient.

Questions About Testing?

Please call us at 866-749-2660 to first make an appointment for a virtual or telephonic screening

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