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Immunity Community

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Join our Immunity Community

The Immunity Community is ACPNY’s initiative to help patients get the vaccinations they need. With COVID-19 reminding us of our mutual responsibility to keep each other safe, ACPNY is even more broadly dedicated to protecting the health of the patients and communities we serve.

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Get vaccinated

In our offices and out in the communities we serve, we are raising awareness about the importance of immunizing yourself and your loved ones. Although many of us have been immunized against COVID-19, it’s still critical that you get vaccines for other serious viruses, including the 2021-2022 seasonal flu. Join the Immunity Community and help us make your neighborhood and those nearby safer, healthier places to live.

Please note that COVID-19 vaccines and seasonal flu vaccines should not be given at the same time. If you are receiving both vaccines, they should be spaced at least 14 days apart.

Everyone has a reason to be part of the Immunity Community

No matter who you are, you belong in the Immunity Community. Whether in our families, our workplaces, or as we go about our business in our cities and neighborhoods, we all interact with many people each day. Vaccinations keep us healthy, and talking about the importance of immunization is one way we can contribute to the good health of others.

For Parents

The Immunity Community is way to protect yourself and your children from preventable illness. At ACPNY offices, getting vaccinations is part of an engaging experience for you and your family to celebrate that you’re doing your part to promote health.

For Children

A child’s immune system is still developing. And, because children are especially vulnerable to the spread of serious disease, they are very important members of the community. Children can learn about their important role in becoming vaccinated and helping to save lives.

For Everyone

The more we do to promote immunization, the heathier and safer our communities will be for our friends, family, and neighbors—especially the elderly and those whose underlying symptoms put them at more risk. Let’s work together and take pride in our neighborhoods by making them better, healthier places to live.

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your annual flu vaccination

2021-2022 flu season

Your annual flu vaccine remains an effective way to lower your risk of contracting the flu, which is especially important for the 2021-2022 flu season.

back to school


Back to school

We’re here to help you make sure your child is up to date with immunizations and other health needs for the new school year.