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AdvantageCare Physicians, Vital Score Receive $75k toward Innovative Partnership to Increase Patient Engagement in their Care

AdvantageCare Physicians, Vital Score Receive $75k toward Innovative Partnership to Increase Patient Engagement in their Care
Award will Support HPV Vaccine Pilot Program as Part of Larger Effort to Increase Quality of Care
June 28, New York, New York – Today, AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY), a leading New York medical group and partner of EmblemHealth, announced -- in partnership with Vital Score -- a $75,000 award for their pilot program to help patients be more involved in their own care. Presented by the NYC Economic Development Corporation’s ‘ 2017 Digital Health Marketplace Funding Program,’ the award was the top prize given to applicants.
The pilot program focuses specifically on the HPV vaccine and aims to improve immunization completion rates. ACPNY uses technology from Vital Score to increase patient engagement and overall quality of care across their provider network. Vital Score supports health systems with technology solutions. ACPNY and Vital Score chose HPV vaccinations as the first quality measure to apply this approach because of its importance to the overall health of New York City and the challenging, multi-visit nature of the immunization process. HPV vaccines are vastly underutilized across New York City, particularly by African Americans and Latinos, communities both largely served by ACPNY and EmblemHealth.
“Patients are most focused on their health care while at the doctor’s office,” said Dr. Navarra Rodriguez, President and Chief Medical Officer, AdvantageCare Physicians. “It’s crucial that we use that time to find out what patients need from us and provide them with the tools to play a more active role in their care.“
“Advantage Care Physicians has been an incredibly engaged partner, from the leadership to the individual nurses and practice managers. Together, ACPNY and Vital Score are building out a new model of patient-driven, personalized quality programs to improve patient care and increase rates of immunization and medication adherence.”
As part of their partnership, ACPNY and Vital Score use brief digital conversations during wait times in provider visits to involve patients in their care and enroll them to be engaged between visits. For example, in this pilot program, patients may be asked what information they’d like to see about the HPV vaccine and whether they plan to come back for their next dose. As a result, ACPNY and Vital Score help patients set their own health goals, self-identify their barriers to care and be an active partner in improving their health.
About AdvantageCare Physicians
EmblemHealth partners with AdvantageCare Physicians, a leading New York medical group, to provide quality, personalized care to our members. With 36 medical offices across the New York metropolitan area, AdvantageCare Physicians takes a team-based approach to care by working with nurses, social workers, nutritionists, behavioral health specialists and other professionals. Through this partnership, EmblemHealth members receive the benefits of a large practice, with the personal touch of a family physician.  www.ACPNY.com.
About Vital Score
Vital Score supports innovative health systems and health plans in a patient-driven approach to Population Health and Quality. In 3-minute digital conversations during wait time in provider visits, their proprietary Motivational Indexing model increases up to 20x the rates of participation in services such as pediatric vaccines, diabetes prevention, smoking cessation and palliative care.
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