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Convenient Delivery Option

Medly is an independent pharmacy that works with your health plan and ACPNY to help deliver your medications. Medly Pharmacy offers free in-home delivery, in some cases on the same-day, in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. And you can always find a local network pharmacy in your area. Learn more below.


Medly Pharmacy In-Home Delivery Service

Stay on your medication schedule and save time with a convenient delivery option to your home. Medly Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that delivers your medicines right to your door in New York City, Long Island or New Jersey—in some cases, as soon as the same business day. They offer service in over a dozen languages, including Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Russian. In addition to going to your local pharmacy or using mail order, this is another option to get your medication.

Ordering your medication from Medly:

  • In the time of COVID-19, get free contactless delivery to your door in the service area
  • Pay the same amount as you do for a 30-day or 90-day supply at your local pharmacy
  • Get delivery, most times in the same day, to New York City, Long Island and New Jersey

You can get answers about your medicine from pharmacists seven days a week. Medly will even work with your health care professional to get approvals for your prescription drugs as quickly as possible.

Ask your doctor to switch your prescriptions to Medly. They can fax your prescriptions to Medly at 718-782-7951.

You also have three easy options to enroll and manage your medicine.

  • Go to the Medly Pharmacy website
  • Call or text Medly at 800-595-0643 to connect with an agent
  • Click below to download the app