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Do You Feel Welcome, Seen, and Heard by Your Provider?

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Do You Feel Welcome, Seen, and Heard by Your Provider?

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For many patients, getting regular care and following a doctor’s orders is a simple, natural expectation. You explain your health need, and your provider examines you and responds with a prescription, dietary advice, or other guidance. But when patients come from all cultural backgrounds, age groups, gender identities, and sexual orientations, one size does not fit all. A basic part of ensuring you get the care you need is feeling comfortable to openly and fully describe everything about you that might impact your health. At AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY), we recognize that a variety of factors might be on a patient’s mind when they are ready to seek health care, including:

  • Ethnic or cultural background
  • Language or communication
  • Cost, transportation, or time off work
  • Diet connected to cultural or religious background
  • Restrictions related to medication
  • How the gender of a provider can affect the comfort of some patients in discussing sensitive health issues
  • Being open about sexual orientation or gender identity

Like many health care practices, ACPNY is taking proactive steps to ensure no patient feels hampered in being their genuine self and receiving the best possible care. Our providers and Care Teams are committed to listening to everything you want to share that will help us better understand and care for you.

Our Steps to Ensure Inclusive Care

Forming personal connections with our patients is important to achieving the best possible health outcomes. Starting with your first visit, we work to create a sense of trust that will lead to open conversations that encourage regular care.

What are some steps we take to make every patient feel comfortable coming to our offices and being their full selves with our providers?

  • Language: We strive to offer translations in our written and in-office encounters to reflect the diversity of  New York City.
  • Diverse Care Teams: Many of our providers and Care Team members come from the very same communities our patients do, representing a wide variety of backgrounds.
  • Education: We continually educate our providers on how to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our practice.
  • Patient Feedback: We actively seek out patient feedback that will address areas you feel will help us create a more welcoming environment for patients of all types.
  • Connection to Community: Through our partnership with EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care, we help you access community support services including free fitness classes, nutritional counseling, and insurance assistance.

The Result Is Better Care for Everyone

Ensuring an open, welcoming patient experience is a big part of why ACPNY commits so strongly to diversity and inclusivity. As we work together for better health for all our patients, we are committed to being here not only when you’re sick, but to also focus on preventive care and manage chronic disease or illness. Learn more about our commitment to serving our diverse patient population here, or schedule your appointment today.