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Chair of Gastroenterology

Steven Finkelstein, MD

In medical school, Dr. Finkelstein traveled to the Far East and South America to volunteer and treat patients. He ultimately focused on gastroenterology because of its blend of procedural and clinical work – however, he didn’t always plan to become a doctor.

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Julie Patel-Pannullo, MD, MBA

Dr. Patel-Panullo became a primary care physician because she loves to learn many different things. Her passion for learning also crosses over to her personal life as she’s learning to play guitar and practicing photography.

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Nicole Thomas, MD

Driven by her love for science and people, Dr. Thomas says that, “seeing patients get better never gets old.” She’s wanted to be a doctor since childhood, and now gets to work in the community she grew up in.

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Location portraits for AdvantageCare Physicians. AdvantageCare Physicians is one of the largest multi-specialty physician practices in the New York metropolitan region, comprised of more than 400 primary care physicians and specialists in 39 convenient locations and offering an expansive complement of primary and specialty care services.

Chair of Ophthalmology/Eye Care

Stephen Haug, MD

Dr. Haug’s goal is to improve his patient’s quality of life by practicing good eye health. Previously a primary care physician, Dr. Huag understands the importance of overall healthy living. In his personal life, he’s been going to the same spin class for 15 years and enjoys cooking healthy food.

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Amita V. Vadada, MD

Dr. Vadada always knew she wanted to be a doctor growing up. She knew she wanted to combine her love of solving puzzles and helping people. Returning sight to her patients as an ophthalmologist changes their lives and provides her with an incredibly rewarding feeling.

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Family Medicine

Keith H. Tung, MD

Dr. Tung became a family doctor because he is passionate about helping people in a time of need and has the opportunity to treat various medical conditions. He is grateful for the opportunity to continuously expand his biological sciences knowledge and looks forward to going to work every day seeing his patients feel better.

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Dietetics – Nutrition | Certified Diabetes Educator

Jennifer Tao, RD

Jennifer firmly believes that people can prevent chronic disease and live healthier lifestyles through a nutritious diet and good eating habits. She uses nutrition education and recommendations to focus more on prevention than treatment. She works with patients around their lifestyles and existing eating habits to create a healthy alternative.

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Cardiology | Nuclear Cardiology

Samantha J. Jagger, MD

Dr. Jagger combines her passion for helping people and figuring out puzzles through her medical career as a cardiologist. Ever since she supported her sick grandmother as young child she knew she wanted to help people. Now she is grateful for the opportunity to guide her patients to lead healthier lives. Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Jagger!


Internal Medicine

Meir Saadia, MD

As a first-generation young Syrian American, Dr. Saadia experienced kind and compassionate care when his grandmother went through a time of medical need. Seeing these medical professionals with his grandmother inspired him to become an internist — a profession that provides Dr. Saadia a platform to give back to society as much as he can. Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Saadia!


President & Chief Medical Officer

Navarra V. Rodriguez, MD

Dr. Rodriguez combines her passion for research, genetics, and medicine as an internist. Her most rewarding experiences are getting to know her patients and building a long-standing relationship with them. Dr. Rodriguez took advantage of her opportunities and grew from taking care of her panel of patients to taking care of her whole medical office to overseeing half a million patients as AdvantageCare Physicians' president and chief medical officer.

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Seth Resnick, MD

Dr. Resnick combines his medical background with an interest in people, emotions, and relationships as a psychiatrist. His proudest moments come when he sees positive mental improvements in patients as a result of their work together. Outside of the office, he spends as much time as he can with his wife and two daughters watching shows at the theatre, reading to them, taking trips, and skiing.

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Dietetics – Nutrition | Certified Diabetes Educator

Alana Fiorentino, RD

Alana discovered her passion for food while growing up in the Italian restaurant business. She enjoys learning and teaching her patients about how nutrition can affect overall health. Even though she’s a Registered Dietician, Nutritionist, and Certified Diabetes Educator she doesn’t view herself as the food police, but rather encourages her patients to take classic recipes and alter them!

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