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Your Care Team

Every Care Team is anchored by a Primary Care Provider (or PCP). Your PCP works with a group of highly qualified, trained, and licensed Health Care Providers, and supports team members to ensure that you get the right care at the right time. 

Physicians can provide the full range of medical services, such as examinations, diagnoses and treatments (if any), and advice to help you maintain your healthiest self. 

Physician Assistants
Physician Assistants (PAs) are practitioners licensed to diagnose and treat you, as well as to prescribe medications. These individuals often begin their careers as Registered Nurses or Emergency Medical Technicians.

Nurse Practioners
Like Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) undergo extensive training. Typically, NPs begin as nurses and pursue an additional 2-4 years of academic and clinical training. They are licensed to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications.

Specialty Care Providers
Specialty Care Providers (SCPs) are here to help you manage a range of conditions, from diabetes to heart disease and more. Your access to these experts in our primary care setting helps everyone on the team operate with a complete picture of your health at their fingertips.

Registered Nurses
Registered Nurses (RNs) have undergone years of training to provide you with a range of care, such as injections, health screenings and patient education; coordinating your care with family members, other facilities and providers, and community resources; scheduling follow-up visits after your Primary Care Provider’s initial diagnosis; and more. Our RNs also act as Care Team Supervisors, managing the day-to-day flow of your Care Team. They ensure that your Primary and Specialty Care Providers and Care Team Associates are all on the same page.

Care Team Associate I
This is the first person you see in the office. He or she will coordinate any tests or specialist appointments ordered by your Primary Care Provider, verify demographics and insurance information, collect your co-payment and obtain approval signatures for important care coordination needs.

Care Team Associate II
This important Care Team member leads you to your exam room and takes your vitals—height, weight, blood pressure and pulse. He or she is a true coordinator, making sure that your patient data, test results, prescription information and more are up to date and in one place.

Primary Care Providers
Types of Primary Care Providers (PCPs) include physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.


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