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Living with Diabetes: Healthy Coping

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Living with Diabetes: Healthy Coping

A crucial part of caring for diabetes is how you approach your condition. Learn more about expanding your healthy coping skills to help take charge of your health.


A crucial part of caring for diabetes is how you approach your condition. It is ok to have mixed feelings about your health. Some may experience both emotional highs and lows. In turn, your feelings, thoughts, and emotions can impact the care you take to manage your overall wellbeing. Coping refers to how you address a situation, in this case, the way you manage your diabetes. Coping mechanisms can have an impact on health outcomes. It’s an essential part of self-care, which can vary from person to person. The goal is to foster and expand your healthy coping skills to help you take charge of your health. There are many ways to cope, with some being healthy/helpful, and others unhealthy/unhelpful:

Unhealthy/Unhelpful Coping May Include:

  • Avoiding Care Team appointments 

  • Not following medication recommendations 

  • Smoking, overeating, and not exercising 

  • Using alcohol or drugs  

  • Not sleeping enough 

Healthy/Helpful Coping May Include: 

  • Feeling knowledgeable about your condition, medications, and how to best care for your health 

  • Creating and implementing an individualized plan so you can take charge of your diabetes 

  • Having a support network of friends and family or finding a support group 

  • Meditation, yoga, and movement 

  • Journaling or other self-care activities   

In order to put these things in place, it’s important to work with your Care Team and let them know when you are experiencing challenges. Your Care Team is often your first point of contact, and they can refer you to the specialists you need. Be open to sharing your concerns, like what challenges you are experiencing when caring for yourself and other details that will help you achieve better health.    

Need help with managing your diabetes? Schedule an appointment with one of ACPNY’s Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists and/or Certified Diabetes Care Education Specialist.