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AdvantageCare Physicians Announces Provider Recognition Award Winners

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AdvantageCare Physicians Announces Provider Recognition Award Winners


AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY) is excited to announce the newest recipients of its Provider Recognition Awards. Twice a year, ACPNY acknowledges providers who demonstrate exceptional commitment and excellence in the areas of patient care, community service, education, and leadership.


“Once again, ACPNY is proud to spotlight the achievements of our diverse community of providers,” says Dr. Navarra Rodriguez, President and Chief Medical Officer of ACPNY. “Every day, our medical staff strives to deliver the best possible care experience for our patients and works toward improving public health in the communities we serve.”


Provider Recognition Award winners by category are:


President’s Award for Service Excellence: Qian Gu, MD

Awarded by the President of ACPNY in recognition of a provider’s ability to meet and exceed care expectations by enhancing the patient experience and delivering exceptional quality care to every patient.


Executive Team’s Award for Physician Leadership Excellence: Sophia Bichotte-Ligonde, MD

Awarded by the Executive Leadership Team of ACPNY in recognition of a physician’s demonstration of leadership values through clinical and service contributions that enhance and improve care delivery, patient access, and employee engagement and growth.


Community Volunteerism Award: Bessie Thomas, OD

Recognizes a provider’s volunteer work to enhance the health and well-being of the communities we serve.


Mentorship and Education Award: John Meer, MD

Recognizes a provider’s contributions to professional growth and development opportunities for ACPNY staff through mentorship and educational activities.


 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Rogelio Alonzo, NP

Recognizes a provider’s ability to drive cultural competence, improve access to care, and create a more inclusive workplace through greater understanding of those we serve.


Patient Experience Excellence Award: Rachel Yam, RD, CDN, CDES

Recognizes a provider’s ability to deliver compassionate and highly recommended care that enhances the patient experience.


Rising Star Award: Samantha Bosse, MD

Awarded within the first three years of employment at AdvantageCare Physicians to providers who deliver compassionate care and exhibit professional growth that enhances health care delivery.


Congratulations to our Provider Recognition Award winners!


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